Am I crowdfunding?

The well-known saying, "It takes a village," applies vitally so to filmmaking. There are few projects made with one single investor or funding source. And while one piece of's film and TV funding strategy involves aggregate funding processes, it's so much more.

Much More Than Crowdfunding

Creators who wish to remain independent at this stage of their journey will be able to launch a funding campaign with one of the numerous campaign types on with simply the touch of a button to launch an offering to their followers. This enlists their most passionate supporters to take an active role in the project’s success — a key component to's funding strategy.

These offerings are more than generic crowdfunding:

  • They are vertically targeted by project (film or TV)

  • They are targeted by genre (or combination of genres)

  • They enlist pre-vetted fans who have been playing an active role in a project's creative direction.

We call this Targeted Aggregate Smart Funding

Other Funding Options

As the DAO matures, will release this and more funding options that make use of the unique opportunities the DAO community delivers. With, you'll have the ability to raise money for projects from very small micro-budget projects up to multi-million dollar features.

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