How many FAN need to be staked to unlock my project's GoScore™? has developed a proprietary algorithm that uses key inputs to progress a project's GoScore™, of which staking FAN is just one of the metrics.

But to ask exactly how many FAN Tokens are necessary to unlock a GoScore is a bit misleading, since the algorithm privileges a user's reputation (which consists of a myriad of factors) in weighting their stake.

And, while we'll never publish the algorithm, some of the key categorical inputs include:

  • Governance metrics: Such as FAN stakes

  • Demographic metrics: Such as number of unique stakers

  • Sentiment metrics: Such as project likes

  • Social metrics: Such as project shares

  • Narrative metrics: Such as quality project reviews

The purpose of using these categorical metrics is to keep the process fair for all projects and not become vulnerable to investor gaming by assigning an inordinate weight to a single, large token holder.

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