I’m not good at promoting myself, so can you help?

Of course! Film.io is here to help you be successful with your project. The goal of the Film.io community is to help you reach your audience, build your fan base and grow your project.

Connect With Fans

As Film.io grows, the platform will be offering new features and ways to connect with your fans and expose your work to investors and others who can join you on your journey. Examples of these features include concept art, a pitch deck, and teaser footage.

Requests For Help

Another example involves creators posting “Requests”, often couched in offers or contests that reward members in FAN Tokens for their help fulfilling whatever your project needs — promotion, assets and more. To launch a poster contest for your project, for example, fill out a brief on your project page giving detailed requirements for the task and setting the FAN Token reward for the winning submission.

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