What are the stages of the Go Score™?

  • Proof of Originality

  • Proof of Adoption

  • Development & Funding

  • Distribution

What is Proof of Originality?

Proof of Originality is the initial step of the Go Score™ journey. This step is included in the draft project process and requires the creator to add all the necessary project assets for a new project to be submitted for approval on the Film.io platform. The global creativity foundation will review the project and either approve or reject it based on the platform's Terms of Service.

What is the Proof of Adoption?

Once a project has passed the Proof of Originality stage and is published live on the platform, it moves on to the Proof of Adoption stage. In this stage, a project is live as a DAO proposal and must reach a certain threshold of FAN Tokens staked by a specified number of unique stakers in order for the DAO proposal to be approved and for the project’s Go Score and other functionality to be unlocked.

What is Development & Funding?

When a project has reached this stage a “Congratulations!” is in order, as the project proposal has been officially approved by the DAO Community and the project will have unlocked its Go Score and other functionality. At this stage, a project will be reaching maturity and completing traditional pre-production steps. This means the whole package needed to produce a project will be coming together and fans should be able to see additional elements like trailers, scripts, locations, cast and crew additions and so on. Expect consistent updates from the creator within the newsreel, helping to keep engagement high and continue progressing the Go Score TM.

The Go Score™ continues to calculate engagement on the project so creators will need to continue to keep the community up to date on what’s going on and share as much information as possible to demonstrate to funding partners that their project has an active and engaged audience that will help provide the funding to get projects greenlit.

As the project moves through production and post-production, creators should continue to engage with their fans with project updates and behind the scenes sneak peeks. The excitement to see a final finished project will be thrilling for all involved!

What is Distribution?

A project that has reached this stage of the Go Score™ Journey will be able to say those coveted words “it’s in the can,” which means the project is complete and ready for the world. In this stage, fans should be able to find out where the creator is planning on showing their film and early adopters, superfans and others should be kept informed of special screens, premiers and other events surrounding the film. There might even be some project swag that gets passed out to supporters.

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