How do I publish a draft project?

Once you've added a project to, it's time to start adding its details. You can find your draft projects on your Creator Dashboard, under "Draft Projects."
When you've opened your draft project, you'll want to edit it. requires three pieces of information before a film can be submitted to the platform for publication approval. These items are:
Logline: This short, usually one to two sentences, states your story's main conflict and most often provides both a synopsis of the plot and the emotional drivers. Loglines are used to stimulate interest in your project.
Lookbook: This document is used to convey the look and feel for your project. It generally consists of pictures that convey your vision, but you can add anything that will help communicate your direction. For example, this can include drawings, character bios, themes, and story highlights.
Poster: This is the image for your film.
Once you've added these three pieces, you can submit your project for approval. This button is found at the top of the page. You can also preview your project page and cancel changes if you don't want to submit and alter your draft project.
The more complete your project page, the more interest it will get from fans and investors.

Extra Details

While not required for approval, adding a hero image will make your project stand out.