Your Creator Hub

The Creator Hub is an administrative view of your project. Here you'll be able to get important information about how fans are interacting with your project and more detailed metrics on how to better position and grow your project.

View as a Fan

Since your Creator Hub is your administrative section, it will be the main view you will see for your project. It's important for you to also see how your fans and visitors will see things. Clicking the View as Fan button under your hero image will open your project in a new tab and display the way your audience sees it.

Project Status

This section of your Creator Hub will show you the most up to date metrics for how your project is doing with fans, token staked and provide you with some quick short cuts to keep your project updated and fresh.

Go Score Journey

The Go Score section of your hub will give you important information of where your project is on it's journey to greenlit.

Similar Projects

Farther down your hub is where you will see comparisons of your project against other projects with similar genres or themes. You'll be able to click into those other projects and compare their progress to your own. You might even want to connect with that creator.

About your Project

This section illustrates your media assets, recent activity and any badges your project has achieved.

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