Airdrop Phase 1: Creator Submission Steps

Submitting your project easy. The list below details what's needed to submit your project for approval, and for a chance to be entered into the giveaway for development funds.

What's Needed

Here's what's needed to successfully submit your project:

  1. A verified email address

  2. Your name, date of birth and country of residence

  3. Your project title

  4. A short synopsis of your project, known as a logline

  5. A project lookbook that demonstrates your vision for the project

  6. A poster image for display on the Explore page (should include your project title and some graphics that captivate fans)

  7. Your project story (often longer than your logline) that communicates your plot and direction

There are a few more details that help fans understand your project:

  • Type (movie or TV)

  • Genre (Select up to three)

  • Status (Locate your project in the filmmaking process)

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