Privacy on the blockchain

When a creator submits a project to, a blockchain record is created. The project lives and exists on the chain.

Public blockchains are immutable, meaning that once the data is there, it cannot be removed. Public blockchains are entirely decentralized, so no one group or individual has authorized total control of the network.

What this means for you as a user, is that when you interact with a project, you may also be leaving traces of your actions on that project block. This could include:

  • FAN Governance Tokens staked or unstaked

  • Reviews posted or edited

  • Comments on project updates

  • Reactions to projects or comments

Some Actions Cannot Be Removed and the DAO both strongly support individual privacy and your right to control your data, so please be aware that some actions that interact with the blockchain cannot be removed or deleted. Removing them is not within the power of or the DAO.

As with any online activity, please exercise caution in what you share or post.

For any data collected by that does not engage with the blockchain, please refer to our privacy policy.

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