Fan or creator?

One of the first choices you'll make on is whether you're a film fan or a film creator.
As a fan, you have a say in what entertainment gets created. At, fans can advocate for the projects they love and become social influencers by staking FAN Governance Tokens, helping creators unlock their project’s GoScore™, while earning additional FAN Tokens in the process. Fans can rate and review projects, purchase NFTs, donate and invest in projects, and more.
As a creator, you submit your original ideas to the DAO and ask the community members to support your project ideas. As you build your support community, you'll be able to engage with other creatives and investors who can bring your idea to life. With the help of, creators can craft their stories in collaboration with fans, gaining access to technical, publishing and funding support. Fact:

All users are initially fans, but you can easily become a creator when you submit your first project to the DAO community.