Display Name vs First/Last Name vs User Name

Display Name

On the Film.io platform, your display name will be what others will know you by. It's your pseudonym and it will be shown on:

  • Your profile page

  • Staking dialogue

  • Reviews

  • Newsreels

  • Connections

First and Last Name

Your First and Last name are set when you first sign up for your account and they will be used for any Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications to obtain higher DAO tiers or participate in certain blockchain features under development.

If you would like to be known on the platform by your real name (i.e. John Smith) then you should set your Display Name to reflect your real name.

User Name

Your user name is originally set by the system when you create an account. The system typically takes your first and last name to create a unique username. As we roll out platform notifications and platform communications the user name will be used for others to call your attention or send you messages.

The field can be edited in your profile if you'd like to mirror other social usernames, but it will need to be unique to the Film.io platform. This means if your username is @johnsmith but there's already an @johnsmith on the platform, you'd have to alter the entry to be unique.

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