Tell us about you

This is the first page for the submission process. would like to know a bit more about you so we can share this with the DAO membership and for prize eligibility.

At the top of every step is a progress bar that will help you understand where you are with the submission.

Required fields

These are:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email (should be auto-completed from your verification)

  • Username (should be suggested automatically, but you can change this)

  • Location (will be needed for any prize awards and future KYC)

  • Birthday (required for any prize awards)

Optional Fields


This will be your first time using the image upload and adjustment tool. To add an image, click the browse button and find the image you want from your device. Once loaded, scale the image using the slider below and move the the image within the box. The circle outline tells you what will be visible on the site.

My Story

This field is for you to introduce yourself to the DAO community. What you write will be displayed on your profile.

Some suggestions for content are:

  • What you like most about filmmaking

  • Why you decided to make a film

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