How to Transfer Purchased $FAN Tokens to Your Platform Wallet


If you've acquired $FAN Tokens and are looking to consolidate them into your platform wallet for ease of use and access, this guide is for you. Transferring your tokens is a straightforward process that integrates your holdings with our platform, enabling you to participate fully in all the features and opportunities offers. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Purchase $FAN Using a Third-Party Wallet

Begin by purchasing $FAN Tokens through your preferred third-party wallet. This could be any non-custodial wallet that supports the Polygon network, ensuring you have the necessary tokens to engage with the ecosystem.

Step 2: Navigate to the Wallet Page on Your Account

  • Log into your account and head to the wallet page. This section is designed to manage your digital assets and integrate external wallets with your account.

Step 3: Copy Your Platform Wallet Address

  • On the wallet page, you will see your platform wallet address displayed in a truncated form. Click on this address to automatically copy it to your clipboard. This address is unique to your account and will be the destination for your $FAN Token transfer.

Step 4: Send $FAN from Your Third-Party Wallet

  • Open your third-party wallet where your $FAN Tokens are held. Choose the option to send or transfer tokens and paste your copied platform wallet address into the recipient field. Double-check to ensure the address is correct before confirming the transaction to avoid any errors.

Step 5: Check Your Platform Account's Balance

  • After sending the tokens, wait approximately 5 minutes for the transaction to process. Blockchain network conditions can affect transfer times, so this duration is an estimate. Following a successful transfer, your $FAN Tokens will be visible in your platform account's balance, ready for use.

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