Is there value in my $FAN Tokens?

Holding $FAN Tokens on is holding voting power on the platform. This gives you a voice in what projects are successful and also eventually in what direction takes as a democratizing entity.


$FAN Tokens are the governance token for Not only do you receive FGR for staking to projects you believe in, but you'll be able to use them to cast votes in the DAO.

Rewards-Based Ecosystem operates on a rewards-based system where fans are incentivized to participate actively in the DAO by staking, reviewing, sharing, and donating to projects. As fans participate and engage with the platform, they will receive badges, reputation, and DAO Membership Tiers, which increase their influence within the ecosystem. Fans with higher reputations will qualify for increased rewards, early opportunities like NFT drops, and preferred access to funding opportunities. This system provides a unique opportunity for fans to participate in the growth and success of the platform.

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