What do I get from the DAO?

The Film.io DAO is a community of like-minded individuals who want to help change the way films are made and enjoyed. As DAOs expand and complicate, characteristics such as reward, weighting and status evolve. Steadfast, however, as with many communities, is the concept that what you receive from the DAO will be roughly equivalent to what you provide the DAO.

Effective, altruistic participation

DAOs function by mechanism of effective, altruistic participation. In other words, a DAO is successful because its members care and contribute. Thus participation, support, predictive competence, advisory ability, knowledge and other factors are weighted to increase reputation within the DAO — and therefore reward.

Some of the more tangible benefits of DAO participation are:

As a member of the Film.io DAO, we hope you'll help make the community a richer environment through your interactions and support.

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