Creating a Web3 Wallet Account

Joining as a Web3 user provides a unique and immersive experience, leveraging the power of blockchain for a direct and secure interaction within our ecosystem. This method is ideal for those familiar with Web3 technologies, offering a gateway to engage with using a non-custodial wallet like MetaMask. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create your account with a focus on security and autonomy.

Web3 Account Creation on with MetaMask

Step 1: Visit

  • Navigate to Find and click the login/signup button located in the top right corner of the homepage to start the account creation process.

Step 2: Select Your Wallet Connection

  • Choose the option to connect with a non-custodial wallet. Select MetaMask or use the WalletConnect option to connect other supported non-custodial wallets.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

  • For MetaMask users, a MetaMask prompt will ask you to confirm the connection. If using WalletConnect, follow the instructions to establish a connection with your chosen wallet.

Step 4: Wallet Verification

  • Confirm your wallet address. This serves as your unique identifier and access key within the ecosystem, replacing traditional email/password login methods.

Step 5: Account Setup Complete

  • Upon successful wallet connection and verification, your Web3 account is ready. You'll have immediate access to explore and engage with the platform's features.

Important Considerations for Web3 Users

  • Autonomy Over Your Wallet: does not hold responsibility for your non-custodial wallet, your private keys, or your wallet's security. Managing your wallet and keys securely is crucial for safeguarding your assets.

  • For Experienced Web3 Users: This login method is recommended for users already familiar with Web3 technologies. If you're new to Web3, consider starting with our Web2 account creation process to familiarize yourself with before transitioning to a Web3 account.

  • Responsibility for Gas Fees: Engaging with the platform via a Web3 account means that you, as the wallet owner, will be responsible for any associated gas fees during transactions. This is an important factor to consider when managing your digital assets within our ecosystem.

  • Security Practices: Ensure that your chosen wallet, such as MetaMask, is secured with a strong password and backed up with a recovery phrase. Keep your private keys and recovery phrase confidential and secure.

Creating a Web3 account on with a non-custodial wallet like MetaMask opens a gateway to a decentralized, secure, and immersive entertainment ecosystem. This approach emphasizes the importance of user autonomy and the secure management of digital assets, aligning with the principles of the Web3 world. Welcome to, where your participation helps shape the future of entertainment.

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