Claiming FGR by Your Wallet

Easily Claim FGR Rewards in your Wallet

To easily claim available FGR rewards through your Wallet, follow these steps:

To begin the FGR claiming process, start by navigating to your wallet either through your Profile view or by clicking your FAN Token balance on the top navigation.

Look for "View Your FGR Balance"

Once you're in your wallet, look for the filter option "View your FGR Balance."

View Your Available FGR by Project and Total

Once you have selected your FGR Balance, you’ll notice that your FGR is shown from most to least. This arrangement provides clarity and makes it easy for you to identify your highest-earning projects and creators. You can also use the convenient links to quickly access the project or creator’s profile.

Claiming Through Projects

You can use this article for more information, but you are still able to claim your FGR on individual project pages.

By following these steps, you can easily claim your FGR rewards on, whether it's through your wallet or directly on project pages via the Fan Impact Box. Start maximizing your rewards today!

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