Exploring Wallet Integration Options

At Film.io, we're dedicated to empowering our users with a range of wallet integration options, each tailored to different needs and preferences within the digital asset management landscape. From the ease and accessibility of custodial wallets to the autonomy of non-custodial options and the innovative hybrid solution, Film.io offers unparalleled flexibility in how you interact with and manage your FAN Tokens. Here's an overview of each wallet integration option available to you.

Custodial Wallet & Gasless Transactions

Key Features:

  • Custodial Wallet Support: Your FAN Tokens are stored securely by Film.io, removing the burden of managing private keys.

  • Gasless Transactions: Execute transactions within the ecosystem without incurring any gas fees, facilitated by Film.io.

  • Simplicity and Convenience: A user-friendly interface and straightforward process make digital asset management hassle-free.


  • Accessibility: Ideal for those who prefer simplicity over technical management.

  • Cost Efficiency: Engage in the ecosystem without the extra costs typically associated with blockchain transactions.

  • Ease of Use: Our platform is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for anyone to manage their assets.


  • Control and Privacy: Users rely on Film.io for security, sacrificing some degree of control and privacy over their assets.

Hybrid Wallet Option

Key Features:

  • Whitelist External Wallets: Seamlessly integrate an external, non-custodial wallet with the Film.io ecosystem.

  • Gasless Management: Manage your tokens and execute transactions without the extra costs of gas fees.

  • Flexible Control: Enjoy the freedom of non-custodial management paired with the convenience of custodial features.


  • Ultimate Flexibility: Switch between wallet types as your needs or preferences change.

  • Cost-Effective Transactions: Benefit from gasless transactions, even with an external wallet.

  • Best of Both Worlds: Combine the security of managing your own wallet with the ease of Film.io's platform.


  • Responsibility: Users must manage and secure their private keys when using external wallets.

Non-Custodial Wallet Integration

Key Features:

  • Self-Custody: Full personal custody over your digital assets for peace of mind.

  • Direct Integration: Connect your wallet directly to your Film.io account for a seamless experience.

  • Full Ecosystem Access: Participate fully in all Film.io features while maintaining complete control of your tokens.


  • Unmatched Control: Enjoy total autonomy over your digital assets within the Film.io ecosystem.

  • Security and Privacy: With self-custody, your asset's security and privacy are in your hands.

  • Empowerment: This option caters to users who prioritize independence in managing their digital assets.


  • Gas Fees: Engaging with blockchain directly means incurring gas fees for transactions.

  • Responsibility: Managing your wallet keys requires diligence and understanding of digital asset security.


Film.io is committed to providing a versatile and user-friendly digital asset management experience. Whether you're looking for the simplicity and ease of a custodial wallet, the autonomy of a non-custodial wallet, or the innovative approach of a hybrid solution, Film.io has you covered. Each option comes with its set of benefits and considerations, empowering you to choose the best path for your digital journey. Join us as we continue to innovate and enhance the ways you can interact with and manage your FAN Tokens and digital assets on Film.io.

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