⏭️Film.io Verification Steps

A step-by-step guide to completing user verification.

What’s Needed?

  • A mobile phone with working camera

  • Computer with internet connection (optional)

  • Access to digital images of official documents, OR

  • Ability to take pictures of documents with mobile phone

Mobile Device or Computer Explained

Film.io has partnered with Persona to do online verification. You can being the verification on a computer, but during the process you will be asked to switch to a mobile device. This is to capture a self-generated image (“selfie”) which will be used to compare to your uploaded official documentation.

You can also access Film.io on your mobile device and complete the steps without switching devices.

How to Access Verification

When a user decides to start the Film.io KYC verification process, they will select the Verify Your Account in the profile drop down.

Verification Steps

This will open the Persona KYC Process where they will be prompted to select their country of origin.

After selecting their country, they will be asked to select a form of ID to upload images of to the verification tool.

This will open the upload function.

Users can either search their device to upload a photo they have, or they can switch to another device like their mobile phone to take pictures of their device to upload.

Note: Some document requirements will ask for front and back of the selected document.

If users choose to continue on another device to submit images of their documents, they will have these options.

The QR code will open the app on a mobile device. The SMS and email will send links that open the application. Please note you are not downloading any application. This is a one-time link you'll use for this process.

If a user selects or adds a photo, they will be prompted to use the image or provide/take a different one.

The application will scan the photo, showing a dialogue of that behavior before prompting users on non-mobile devices (desktop/laptop) to switch to a new device.

Users already on a mobile device will be moved to take a selfie.

The app will walk the user through the steps to verify their identity with a real time selfie.

For most mobile users, the front facing camera will be activated and the user will be prompted to position their head and follow on-screen prompts until the app is satisfied with the selection of images. This could take 3+ image captures to satisfy. Users should note the colored ring to mark progress.

Once the selfie has been capture, the application will process the data and present the user with a verification result.

Successful Confirmation

Unable to Verify Confirmation

The application will attempt to provide some troubleshooting tips for passing. You can then retry verification using these steps to successfully complete the process.

Film.io Platform Confirmation

The verification will immediately tie back to any non-mobile devices (computer) and update the screens there.

On the user’s profile drop down there will now be a check mark for verification and the verify your account option will be removed.

On their profile, they will also see the check mark on their profile and next to their display name elsewhere.

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