How long does it take for a project to be turned into a movie?

There is no simple answer for this question and a lot of variables to consider. To better understand the general process, most film and TV projects go through five distinct phases to create a finished project. They are:

Development - this can take anywhere from a few weeks to years. It includes everything from writing the script or securing rights to stories to packaging the project and securing financing. The majority of projects on start in this phase.

Pre-Production - this phase can include finalizing the script, hiring cast and crew, scouting and securing locations and building sets.

Production - this is usually the shortest period for a project. This is where everything planned in pre-production starts coming together. It’s the “action” and “cut” and “it’s a wrap” we’ve all heard and think of when we think of making movies. It’s soundstages or location shoots with actors and lighting.

Post-Production - this is where all the digital film and sound are edited and cut. In this stage special effects can be added and actor voice overs are recorded. Soundtracks will be added and a final print of the film produced. The time the project spends in this phase depends on what all is needed in post-production and how long the film will be in the final cut.

Distribution - in this stage the finished film is ready to be seen. If it’s a big production, promotion and marketing campaigns will happen and the film will hit streaming services or be shown on big screens.

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