How Device Registration and Browser Authorization Work

Understanding the process of logging onto and the reason behind device registration and browser authorization is crucial for a seamless user experience. This article explains what it means to "authorize your device," how uses browser files for secure access, and what happens when you use different devices or browsers.

What Does "Authorize This Device" Mean?

When you see the message “authorize this device” on, it's actually referring to authorizing your web browser on the device you're using. This is an important step for enhancing the security of your account.

How Does Browser Authorization Work?

  • Browser File Association: When you approve the device authorization request, adds a special file to your browser linked to your email address. This file doesn't store any personal or device information.

  • Subsequent Logins: On your next login, our system checks for this file. If it’s present, you will receive a login code via email to access the site, ensuring that only you can log in to your account.

What Happens If You Clear Your Browser Cache?

  • File Deletion: Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies will delete the authorization file.

  • New Authorization Required: If the file is missing during your next login, you'll be prompted to register your device again. This is a standard security measure.

Authorization and Different Browsers or Devices:

  • Different Browsers, Same Device: Using a different browser on the same device with the same email will require a new authorization for that browser.

  • Different Devices: Logging in from a new device (like mobile, laptop, or tablet) with the same email necessitates authorizing the new device.

Testing the Authorization Process:

  • To understand this process better, you can experiment by:

  1. Logging in and confirming your device.

  2. Going to your browser settings/privacy and clearing data related to * or all browsing data.

  3. Logging in again to observe that you will receive a device registration email again.

Device registration and browser authorization are key aspects of keeping your account secure. By understanding how this process works and knowing that your device information remains private, you can confidently manage your access across different browsers and devices.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the device registration process, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re here to ensure your experience is secure and enjoyable.

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