How do I know if a proposal is up for voting?

  • Stay informed about upcoming proposals through notifications on the Film.io platform. Regularly check the DAO section on the website and watch for email alerts.

Can I change my vote once it's cast?

  • Once you cast your vote, it becomes final and cannot be altered, maintaining the integrity of the voting process. Review each proposal thoroughly before voting.

What happens if a proposal doesn't reach the 51% threshold?

  • If a proposal fails to receive at least 51% approval, it will not be passed. This majority requirement ensures decisions reflect the Film.io community's majority view.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of proposals can be submitted?

  • Proposals must align with Film.io's mission and values, being constructive, legal, and feasible. Proposals that run contrary to our community standards or legal regulations are not accepted.

Who can submit a DAO proposal?

  • At this time, Proposals are submitted by the Global Creativity Foundation, an ownerless entity.

How often are DAO votes held?

  • The frequency of DAO votes depends on the number and readiness of proposals for community voting. As the DAO develops, the number of proposals and voting schedules will change. Stay involved with our Discord for the most up to date plans.

What happens after a proposal is passed?

  • Successful proposals move into the implementation phase. The community is informed about implementation details through the Film.io platform. These actions are not immediate and will require the necessary amount of time to fully develop and implement.

Can I discuss proposals with other community members?

  • Engaging in discussions about proposals with community members is encouraged. Join our Discord to share views and gain insights.

Does voting cost anything or diminish my FAN Tokens?

  • Voting on proposals is free. Your FAN Tokens remain in your wallet; voting does not diminish them in any way.

How is my vote counted?

  • Each FAN Token you hold counts as one vote.

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