If Your Wallet Fails Verification

Understanding Wallet Verification Failure

A failed wallet verification can be due to several factors assessed during our security checks. While we can't provide specific reasons—which could inadvertently assist malicious actors—we assure you that each criterion is in place to fortify the safety of our community.

Steps to Take After a Failed Verification

  1. Disconnect and Reconnect Your Wallet:

    • Start by disconnecting your wallet from Film.io. This can typically be done within the wallet interface.

    • Reconnect your wallet following the original connection steps. This action can sometimes resolve minor issues that might have caused the verification failure.

  2. Check Your Wallet's Status:

    • Without divulging specific criteria, ensure your wallet is in good standing and adheres to general best practices for security and activity.

  3. Ensure Sufficient MATIC Balance:

    • While specific balance requirements are not disclosed, ensuring your wallet has a reasonable amount of MATIC can be part of general wallet health.

  4. Attempt Verification with a Different Wallet:

    • If available, try connecting a different non-custodial wallet that meets the general standards of security and activity.

Seeking Further Assistance

If you've attempted the above steps without success, our support team is here to assist you further. Reach out to us through the support channel provided on Film.io, and we'll guide you through additional steps to resolve the issue.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Verification Process

  • Update Your Wallet: Ensure your wallet application is updated to the latest version, as this can sometimes resolve compatibility issues.

  • Review Wallet Security Practices: Confirm that your wallet follows robust security practices, including secure storage of private keys and the use of reputable wallet providers.

  • Patience is Key: After making adjustments, allow some time for changes to take effect before attempting to reconnect your wallet.


At Film.io, we understand that wallet verification processes are an essential part of protecting the platform and its users from fraudulent activities. While a failed verification might be frustrating, it's a crucial step in ensuring the safety and integrity of all transactions within our ecosystem. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a secure environment for everyone. Our support team is dedicated to assisting you through any issues you may encounter with wallet verification, ensuring you can participate fully in the Film.io experience.

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