💎Film.io Club Quests: Your Guide to Earning & Using $FAN Rewards

Join the excitement of Film.io Club Quests!

Engage in gamified missions designed to enhance your interaction on Film.io, help projects gain exposure and funding, and earn rewards that open up exclusive opportunities within our community.

How to Participate

  1. Sign Up: Use your Film.io user email to register at club.film.io.

  2. Complete Quests: Engage daily to collect GEMs and XP.

  3. Redeem Rewards: Use your GEMs in the Club Shop to claim $FAN tokens and rack up XP to ascend the Leaderboard for additional prizes.

Pro Tip: Increase your GEMs and XP by actively participating in project staking, leaving reviews, and exploring new projects on the Film.io "Explore" page.

Getting Started with Club.Film.io

  • Understand GEMs and XP Points: GEMs are virtual club points used in the club.film.io Shop to unlock rewards. XP points measure your reputation and determine your Leaderboard ranking.

  • Earning GEMs and XP: Daily quest participation, supporting creators via staking, and engaging with projects will earn you GEMs and XP. Conversely, removing support can decrease your XP points.

How to Use GEMs

  • Visit the Club Shop to redeem your GEMs for exclusive experiences and $FAN rewards. Shop offerings are dynamic, so check regularly for new items and opportunities.

The Club Leaderboard

  • Climb the Leaderboard by actively supporting creators. Top positions can lead to exclusive benefits like AirDrop and Allow List spots, enhancing your Film.io experience.

Current Promotions

  • Join by May 4, 2024, for a chance to win a share of the Film.io SXSW Collaboration prize fan award, valued at $5K USDC, distributed among the top 10 fans based on XP points.


  1. What are GEMs?

    • GEMs are virtual points earned by completing quests and engaging with creators. They can be used in the Club Shop to redeem various rewards.

  2. How do I earn XP?

    • Earn XP by supporting projects, completing quests, and regularly engaging on Film.io. XP helps boost your position on the Leaderboard.

  3. Can I lose XP points?

    • Yes, XP points can decrease if you withdraw support from projects or fail to meet the minimum engagement requirements of the Film.io DAO.

  4. What can I buy with GEMs?

    • GEMs can be used for auction bids, daily raffles, direct $FAN purchases, exclusive masterclasses, and professional feedback within the Film.io community.

  5. How does the Leaderboard work?

    • Your rank on the Leaderboard is determined by your XP points. Higher rankings provide greater access to exclusive rewards and promotional opportunities.

Upcoming Features

  • Advanced Platform Utilities: Coming soon - use your GEMs to unlock features like accelerating your Awarded Token Release Schedules.

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