$FAN and industry control

How do $FAN Tokens hand control of the filmmaking industry to the fans and creators of the world?

How are $FAN Tokens helping to hand control of the filmmaking industry to fans and creators?

  • $FAN Tokens are used to join and participate in the Film.io DAO, allowing creators (as DAO members) to submit their projects as “proposals,” while asking fans to show their support by staking their tokens.

  • Staked $FAN Tokens drive the Go Scores™ for projects and allow them to move through Film.io, unlocking powerful features for creators, including multiple funding options.

  • $FAN holdings and staking activity may grant whitelist access to early/exclusive NFT drops and more.

  • The voting algorithm is designed to achieve fairness and looks at not only total $FAN HODLed, but also the user’s reputation and other factors to determine the weight of a fan’s vote as well as their rank in the Film.io ecosystem.

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