DAO 2.0: Newcomers Guide to Platform Proposals

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Explained:

  • A DAO is a revolutionary form of organization governed by its members, leveraging blockchain technology. This structure allows for decentralized decision-making, eliminating the need for a central authority.

  • In the world of web3 and blockchain, DAOs represent a paradigm shift towards more democratic and transparent governance systems.

Film.io's Evolution with DAO 2.0:

  • Film.io is excited to introduce DAO version 2.0, an upgrade that significantly expands the scope and impact of user participation in the platform’s governance.

  • While DAO version 1.0 focused on enabling fans to vote on creator-submitted projects and proposals, DAO 2.0 takes a leap forward. Now, users are empowered not only to support specific projects but also to influence the broader strategic direction and future initiatives of Film.io.

Empowerment and Influence in DAO 2.0:

Broadened User Participation:

  • DAO 2.0 opens new avenues for users to actively participate in shaping the platform's future. Your vote now extends beyond project support to making key decisions about Film.io's strategic direction, feature developments, and major platform changes.

Community-Driven Evolution:

  • Your involvement in DAO 2.0 plays a pivotal role in Film.io's evolution. The platform's direction is increasingly shaped by the collective voice and vision of its community, reflecting a true partnership between Film.io and its users.

Understanding FAN Tokens

Role in DAO:

  • FAN Tokens are not merely a digital currency; they represent voting power within the Film.io DAO. Holding these tokens equates to having a stake in the platform and the ability to influence its direction.

Acquiring FAN Tokens:

  • Users can acquire FAN Tokens through various means such as participation rewards, FGR from staking, and other engagement activities on Film.io.

Voting in DAO Proposals

How to Vote:

  • The guide outlines the step-by-step process of voting on DAO proposals, from logging into one’s account to casting a vote.

Token-Based Voting System:

  • Each FAN Token equals one vote.

Single Choice Voting:

  • Proposals are voted on with a simple 'yes' or 'no', ensuring clear and decisive outcomes.

Majority Requirement:

  • A proposal must garner at least 51% of approval votes to pass before the voting window concludes.

Participation in Proposals

Proposal Submission:

  • Detailed explanation of how members can submit proposals, including submission guidelines and criteria.

Time-Bound Voting:

  • Each proposal is open for voting for a specified time, promoting efficient decision-making and allowing adequate time for evaluation.

Impact of Your Vote:

  • Emphasizing that every vote, regardless of the number of tokens held, is crucial to the collective decision-making process.

Key Additions: Voting Cost and Token Impact

No Cost for Voting:

  • Clarifying that participating in DAO voting is free and does not require any financial transaction.

No Diminishment of FAN Tokens:

  • Voting does not decrease the number of FAN Tokens in a user's wallet; it's a representation of their voting power without any token transfer or lock-up.

Conclusion: Your Role in the DAO

By participating in the DAO, you transform from a passive user to an active contributor in Film.io's journey. Your engagement ensures the platform aligns with the collective needs and aspirations of its vibrant community. Voting in the DAO is not just a privilege; it’s your way of shaping the future of film and TV, empowered by blockchain technology, without any financial burden or loss of your FAN Tokens.

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