Why should I be interested in this project?

Governed by the world’s first filmmaking industry DAO, Film.io is the most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem, placing Hollywood decision-making onto the blockchain and into the hands of creators and fans. By joining Film.io, you are part of a platform revolutionizing how movies get made. Film.io replaces the centralized power in Hollywood with inclusivity and decision-making through you, the creators and fans.

The Film.io DAO aims to achieve the following

We liberate creators.

Many creators have limited or no access to fans, fan data, and funding necessary to make their projects successful. At Film.io, filmmakers craft their stories in collaboration with fans who love and support them, having direct access to a platform where fans enjoy the power to validate, greenlight and fund the entertainment they want to watch.

We empower fans.

Fans are little more than spectators in the movie-making process, only called upon when it’s time to pay for and view content. In the new, decentralized ecosystem, gone is the centralized legacy architecture of the big, controlling studios made up of only a small group of people who make all of the decisions and reap the rewards.

We inform investors.

Investors (including streaming networks and studios) are provided with little or no meaningful data about the probability of a film’s success before putting capital at risk. At Film.io, Film financiers and studios benefit by gaining access to films with pre-developed audiences and a never-before-available dataset to help de-risk greenlight and investment decisions.

We support licensees/purchasers.

A published project on the FDP has the ability to offer itself for licensing or sale to third parties. Studios, production companies, distribution companies, funds and networks are able to leverage the FDP to review and select projects for their slate.

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