How do I edit my project?

You can edit any project you've submitted to This includes drafts, unpublished and published, or live projects.

As the creator, you will find your projects on your profile page under the Project tab. Clicking any project will take you to the main project page. At the top, next to your title, you can click the Edit link to access the project edit interface.

There are three main detail sections for each project:

1. Project Details

This section includes key pieces of information for your project that helps fans find it based on their personal preferences. The information fields you can add and edit here are:

  • Project title

  • Project type

  • Genres

  • Logline

  • Background or Hero image

2. Project Tile

This section is about how your project appears on the platform. The image adjustment tool lets you set your background or hero image perfectly and preview your logline.

3. Project Polish

This section is where you can add more details and really get your project noticed! As your project grows and develops, you can add more details here or tweak the ones you've already uploaded. The information fields you can add here are:

Preview and Save

You can always preview your edits in a new tab by clicking the Preview button. If everything looks good, scroll to the top and click Save. Your changes will be updated on the platform.

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