🆘What to Do if You Don't Pass KYC on Film.io


Thank you for your commitment to being a part of the Film.io DAO community. Our aim is to ensure a secure and inclusive environment for all members, which is why we implement a KYC verification process through our trusted third-party service, Persona. If you find yourself facing challenges with the KYC verification, this guide is tailored to help you troubleshoot common issues and successfully complete the process.

Initial Steps if KYC Fails

  1. Self-Review and Verification: Initially, thoroughly review your KYC submission for accuracy and completeness. Ensure there are no mismatches or typos in your personal details compared to your ID documents.

  2. ID Document Check: Confirm that your government-issued ID is valid, unexpired, and matches the name and personal information provided in your KYC form.

  3. Direct Assistance from Persona: For specific issues or failures in the KYC process, reaching out directly to Persona can provide targeted advice and solutions. Access support at https://help.withpersona.com/.

Enhanced Troubleshooting Tips

Beyond the basic checks, here are additional strategies to ensure a smoother KYC process:

  • Document Legibility: Ensure your ID is in good condition, without physical wear or tear that could affect legibility. Information must be clearly visible without any reflections or shadows.

  • Background Contrast: Use a contrasting background when taking photos of your ID to avoid blending and ensure it stands out clearly.

  • Hold Steady: Minimize shaking or movement while taking photos. Using a flat surface or tripod can help achieve steadier images.

  • Retry with Different Documentation: If one form of ID is consistently failing, try a different type of government-issued identification if available and permitted.

  • Close Background Apps: On mobile devices, close unnecessary background applications to ensure your device's camera operates at its best performance during the ID capture process.

  • Browser Cookies and Cache: Clear your browser’s cookies and cache if you're experiencing issues on web platforms. This can resolve unexpected errors during submission.

  • Disable VPNs or Proxy Servers: Some security services might interfere with the KYC process. Try disabling them temporarily during your KYC submission.

Understanding Support Limitations

While our Film.io support team is eager to assist, it's crucial to understand that our capabilities in addressing KYC issues directly are limited. The KYC process is managed and facilitated by Persona, and as such, they are best equipped to handle specific challenges and queries related to KYC verification.

Before reaching out to our team, we highly encourage you to utilize the above tips and contact Persona directly for KYC-related concerns. This approach ensures you receive the most efficient and accurate assistance.


Successfully completing the KYC verification is a critical step towards engaging fully with the Film.io DAO community. We understand the process can sometimes be challenging, but by following these comprehensive tips and utilizing Persona's support resources, you can navigate these hurdles more effectively. Your effort to comply with these verification steps is immensely valued, contributing to the security and integrity of our community.

Remember, we're here to support your journey with Film.io, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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