How to Add the Polygon Network to your Non-Custodial Wallet

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to switch your non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, to the Polygon (MATIC) network.

This is intended as a general help article only. Please research your specific wallet and follow the steps recommended by your wallet provider.


  • Ensure you have MetaMask or a similar non-custodial wallet installed.

  • Make sure you have some ETH in your wallet for gas fees, if necessary.

Steps to Add the Polygon Network to MetaMask

  1. Open MetaMask Wallet: Launch your MetaMask wallet by clicking on the MetaMask extension icon in your browser.

  2. Access Network Selection: Click on the network selection dropdown at the top of the MetaMask window. This dropdown usually shows "Ethereum Mainnet" by default.

  3. Select "Add Network": At the bottom of the network list, you will find an option to "Add Network." Click on it to proceed.

  4. Enter Network Details: In the "Add a Network" screen, you'll need to input the following information specific to the Polygon network:

    • Network Name: Polygon Mainnet

    • New RPC URL: (or another RPC URL provided by a reliable source)

    • Chain ID: 137

    • Currency Symbol: MATIC

    • Block Explorer URL:

    You can find the most up-to-date information on the Polygon documentation or official website to ensure accuracy.

  5. Save and Connect: After entering all the required information, click "Save." MetaMask will automatically switch to the Polygon network.

Transferring Assets to the Polygon Network

If you wish to transfer assets to the Polygon network, you may need to use a bridge service like the official Polygon Bridge. This allows you to move assets between Ethereum and Polygon safely. Always ensure you're using the official or a trusted bridge service to avoid scams and loss of funds.

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