How to Switch Your Non-Custodial Wallet to the Polygon Network

This article guides you through the process of switching your non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, to the Polygon network. This is useful for users who have multiple networks added to their wallets and need to switch between them, depending on their activity.


  • You have a MetaMask or similar non-custodial wallet installed.

  • The Polygon network is already added to your wallet.

Steps to Switch to the Polygon Network in MetaMask

Switching to the Polygon network in MetaMask is a straightforward process if you've previously added the network. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Your Wallet: Click on the MetaMask extension icon in your browser to open your wallet interface.

  2. Access the Network Dropdown: At the top of the MetaMask window, you'll see a dropdown menu displaying the name of the currently active network (for example, "Ethereum Mainnet").

  3. Select the Polygon Network: Click on the dropdown menu to reveal a list of all added networks. Find and select "Polygon Mainnet" from the list. If Polygon Mainnet is not listed, you will need to add it by following the detailed steps for adding a new network to MetaMask.

  4. Confirm the Switch: Once you select "Polygon Mainnet," MetaMask will automatically switch to the Polygon network. You can now start interacting with Polygon's ecosystem, including decentralized applications (dApps), tokens, and other services available on the network.

Verifying the Network Switch

  • Check the Network Indicator: MetaMask displays the name of the active network at the top of the extension window. Ensure it reads "Polygon Mainnet" after switching.

  • Confirm Transaction Fees in MATIC: When initiating transactions, confirm that the gas fees are displayed in MATIC, the native currency of the Polygon network, to ensure you're indeed operating on Polygon.


If you encounter issues switching networks or if the Polygon network is not listed in your non-custodial wallet, you may need to add it manually. Refer to detailed guides or official documentation for your wallet or our general guide below.

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