What is is the world’s most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem, placing Hollywood decision-making into the hands of creators and fans. leverages blockchain technology and fan collaboration to provide filmmakers with an end-to-end solution for creating, funding, and distributing their projects. liberates film and TV creators and replaces centralized power with transparency and inclusivity. allows creators to submit projects as proposals, build audiences and receive market validation, expanding access to funding and licensing. It empowers fans to vote on films by staking the native FAN Token to projects they support, while allowing film investors, studios and streamers to scout market-validated projects with pre-developed audiences and analytics.
Decisions are made from the bottom-up — organized around a specific set of rules enforced on the blockchain. The DAO will be collectively owned and managed by its members.
FAN Tokens are used to join and participate in the DAO, allowing creators (as DAO members) to submit their projects as “proposals,” while asking fans to show their support for the projects they believe in by staking their tokens.
Staked FAN acts as a vote, awarding reputation to the fan while allowing a project to move through the ranks: first building an audience, leading to validation measured by the progress through our innovative Go Score, unlocking funding opportunities and a progressive set of features and resources that help champion the creator and the fan who supports them to success.